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What is HoaQ?

Our community of experienced operators, advisors, and investors work closely with our portfolio companies, providing strategic guidance, industry connections, and ongoing support to fuel their growth and success. Our philosophy around angel investing is different and non-conventional. We’ve worked very hard to lower the barrier to entry into angel investing, meaning that with as low as $1,000, you can get started on your journey. We keep the cost very low so that you can invest as much of your capital as possible. With the risk associated with this asset class, starting small and increasing your invested capital is reasonable as you become a more experienced angel investor.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at HoaQ is to support founders who are leveraging technology to build economic infrastructure for Africa and Africans.

Why We Started

Addressing Challenges

Innovative solutions are vital for addressing Africa's challenges. HoaQ supports visionary tech-driven entrepreneurs for meaningful change.

Building Financial Resilience

Our commitment to supporting startups is driven not only by potential returns but also by the opportunity to contribute to Africa's economic growth and development.

Creating Positive Change

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship uplifting communities, creating job opportunities, and empowering individuals to shape their own futures.

Our History

Since our establishment in 2020, HoaQ has experienced remarkable growth and made significant strides in the world of angel investing. What started as a small community has flourished into a thriving ecosystem with over 600 members.

With an unwavering commitment to supporting tech and tech-enabled businesses, we have deployed a total of $2.5 million in capital. Our investments have spanned across 103 deals, with an impressive highest valuation of $96 million.

Our commitment to strategic partnerships has led to successful collaborations with renowned venture funds and syndicates like Future.Africa, CcHub Syndicate, and RallyCap Ventures. Through these partnerships, we have expanded our investment reach and diversified our portfolio across various industries, including Fintech, Adtech, Logistics, Data, and AI.

Our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs extends beyond capital, as we actively engage with and nurture our portfolio companies. Our investments range from a minimum check size of $25,000 to a maximum of $350,000, demonstrating our ability to cater to a wide range of investors.

In just a few years, our investments have yielded remarkable results, with an aggregate return of 5.73x. We have achieved significant milestones, including raising a $5 million fund to support early-stage startups and facilitating follow-on investments.

Our commitment to diversity is evident, with 30% of our portfolio companies led by female founders. As we forge ahead, we continue to adapt and expand our offerings.


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